Fall Sermon Series - Walk This Way

One of the most honest truths about God's plan to form us into the image of His Son is that the going is slow. In fact, most people I talk to wish they were farther along than they are. Me too. Most wonder why it takes such a long time to learn wisdom and walk in grace and overcome fears and not bear grudges and stop telling fibs. Part of the problem, I think, is that we have "skipped over" some of the basic ingredients for what Jesus has promised to be the basis for a blessed life. We want the end goal without going through the proper means of getting there.

Starting this Sunday, September 13th, we will begin a new sermon series entitled Walk This Way which will focus on the first twelve verses of Matthew 5.
If you'd like to follow along and read ahead so that you're ready when you come to church, here is the schedule for you to use!

September 13 - Matthew 5:1-3

September 20 - Matthew 5:4

September 27 - Matthew 5:5

October 4 - Matthew 5:6

October 11 - Matthew 5:7

October 18 - Matthew 5:8

October 25 - Matthew 5:9

November 1 - Matthew 5:10-12