English Camp in Senegal

January 11th - 21st, 2018

In January, five of us from Refuge will head to Senegal for a week to work with long-standing partners of ours.


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About the project

Our Refuge community is excited to send a small team of leaders to Dakar, Senegal in January of 2018 to work alongside English teachers serving among predominately Muslim university students from many different nations. The venue will be a week long English camp. We will be joining our partners who staff the English Resource Center in Dakar as we help them kick off their semester with an exciting and intense time of learning, conversation, and fun related to topics that will, at times, be of practical value and, at times, eternal.

With a strong desire to build bridges with our local African Muslim community here in Willmar, we will immerse ourselves in a week of interactive teaching and learning from Senegalese students, college-aged and beyond.  We are excited to offer our language skills and to learn about their culture, their worldview, and make friends across the geographic and cultural divides.

Each team member is investing time, energy, and money towards this event.

We will need additional resources to make this partnership a reality, so you can be a significant help towards this effort.

Supporting the partnership is easy. 


Simply select "Senegal" from the drop down that says "General Budget."

Follow this link for a video of last year's camp to give you an idea of what we will do.

Thank you in advance for your partnership with this project!